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LOI signed with a league of 11 Eastern Caribbean Credit Unions
Major update on the execution of our strategy
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Mass adoption - Vendit's strategy
We believe that in order to exact true adoption, it will require a change of mindset from within the financial industries.
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Interview with Mike Hu, CEO
Metrix CEO Trent Richards has a conversation with Vendit CEO Mike Hu.
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New whitepaper released
Vendit released a new whitepaper to reflect the slightly pivoted strategy
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New branding & new website
Our designers worked on an update of our branding. The results are visible in the whitepaper and this new website.
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The maturity of cryptocurrency
What is needed for mass adoption?
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3 things that stand in the way of mass adoption of cryptocurrency
…and solutions for all 3
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Eastern Caribbean Credit Unions Considering Crypto-Asset Based Lending
Credit Unions of the OECS Summit invites Vendit to Offer Expertise on the Subject
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Vendit Payment Systems & Ride Sharing Credits
Vendit is adding the functionality of adding ride sharing credits with cryptocurrencies.
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Exchange User Interface
UX design. We want your opinion!
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