About us

Vendit provides cutting edge omnichannel payment/banking software & services. We help governments, organisations and banks to achieve their goals through our Financial Technologies Solutions.

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Our Mission & Vision

New neo banking financial institutions are popping up, trying to disrupt the traditional financial world. Meanwhile, the traditional financial world is finding ways to adapt to the new reality. Both struggle.

Vendit was started with the mission to combine both worlds, to make the transition really possible. Unlike a lot of modern financial companies, we’re not here to disrupt, but rather to help those that want and need to make the transition to new ways of banking and payments.

Vendit is not just a company that wants to ride the wave of blockchain and crypto. Vendit is seeing that the financial industry is changing. Vendit is facilitating this change. The company will be providing services, build apps and software so it can create bridges between traditional and modern (neo) payment and banking systems. This way Vendit can guide financial institutions and consumers to make the transition to the inevitable new way of banking/payment easy.

What Vendit can do for you

Vendit provides cutting edge omnichannel payment/banking software & services. Our approach is realistic. That's why we're always looking for the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

  • All In One Banking Software Solutions
  • Online & mobile banking
  • Interconnected Clearing House Infrastructure
  • Blockchain solutions
  • Mobile Payment App
  • Mobile Banking App & Website
  • Accounting Software
  • ATM Switch
  • Custom Software development
  • Consultancy