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Vendit is creating an ecosystem that aims to achieve freedom of payments and financial transactions by using blockchain technology.

Vendit is embracing traditional and future financial systems to provide the ability to seamlessly trade and process different currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

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We are Vendit

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission & vision is based on the real world. But nevertheless ambitious.

Solutions for Consumers / Vendors

We offer solutions that makes paying with and receiving crypto easy.

Solutions for Financial Institutions

What ever your challenge, we have a modular solution.

Interview with Mike Hu, CEO

Metrix CEO Trent Richards has a conversation with Vendit CEO Mike Hu about his journey in the cryptocurrency industry and how he looks to integrate his Vendit debit/credit cards into real world adoption.

Trent Richards about Vendit: "I can really see first hand here what Vendit is actually doing for Third World countries. I think it's just fantastic."

Real life use case

Walk into a Domino's and pay with crypto. Like with 'traditional' currency.

Combine the power of traditional and future Financial Technologies.

Vendit provides cutting edge omnichannel payment/banking software & services. Our approach is realistic. That's why we're always looking for the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Build a future, be realistic. Our solutions

We provide services and products to cover full (modern) Banking Ecosystems. Besides our off the shelf solutions, we provide custom software solutions that are tailored to you and your clients specific needs.

Interconnected Clearing House Infrastructure

With our software it's easy to set up a clearing house to settle transactions between banks.


Our Blockchain based solution provides fast Cross-Border Payment Settlements.

Online & mobile banking

With our white labelled Banking App and Banking Website we deliver a top of class experience for your clients.

Financial Technologies Consultancy

Our experienced consultants will help making the right sustainable choices and develop a future proof strategy.

CRM Software

With our compact CRM Solution you can easily manage your users / clients.

ATM Switch

With our ATM Switch solution your clients can also use ATM services of other banks.

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We cover all aspects of your Ecosystem

We offer solutions for all aspects of Online Banking Environments.
An example is our (custom) white labelled banking app.

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