Mass adoption
Vendit's Strategy

Vendit's goal is and always will be the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, we believe that in order to exact true adoption, it will require a change of mindset from within the financial industries. So what is our strategy for doing this?

Targeting fewer developed fintech countries, we intend to provide software solutions for a financial infrastructure more readily available to developed countries but lacking in these locations. By providing a means for interconnectivity among financial institutions, people can enjoy the user- friendly financial environments that make transactions simple, quick, and efficient. More importantly, such interconnectivity builds trust between Vendit and the financial institutions. This interconnection will be in the form of a clearing house, essentially a bank for banks. The clearing house can connect to all financial institutions as well as their software and hardware, such as ATMs.

The hardest part will be establishing the initial clearing house. Then, it will simply be a matter of replicating the clearing house in other less developed countries, as there are many needing the same type of interconnected infrastructure. In time, we will be have multiple clearing houses—not only connected to the local financial institutions, but also connected to each other and other clearing houses—allowing near instant transfer and settlement of transactions from users all over the world.

In order to facilitate such clearing house settlements, Vendit will need to build and launch two main services: Vendit Blockchain and Exchange Trading Desk.

The eventual launch of the the Vendit blockchain will be a platform built with hybrid privileged and public blockchain aspects allowing public tracking for potential launching cryptos and internal private tracking for financial institutions. VNDTs, the Vendit coin/token, will be used as fuel on this blockchain.

The ability to allow transfers all over the world and the powering of our currency agnostic payment app will require a robust trading desk or exchange that not only allows trading of cryptocurrencies, but fiats as well. VNDTs will power this aspect as well. This component will be connected to other exchanges and forex companies, furthering our connection into the existing financial world.

Many steps that have been in the works for years are starting to take shape. We are excited about the progress we have made and will continue to make. However, the milestones will be long term. We are looking to establish a foothold that will last the test of time. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Please stay tuned for more news as we continue onward

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