LOI signed with
a league of
11 Eastern Caribbean
Credit Unions

Major update on the execution of our strategy

Crypto adoption is not an easy nor is it a simple task. Vendit's strategy has always been to stay true to this objective. We have talked about Vendit's mass adoption strategy before. If you haven't read that update, you can read it here.

With that said, we're ecstatic to provide a major update on the execution of our strategy. On July 17th, Vendit has signed an official Letter of Intent document with a League of 11 Credit Unions in the Eastern Caribbean to open serious and confidential discussions on how to modernize each of the credit unions to be able to facilitate and execute strategic operations that will eventually lead to the formation of a blockchain based clearing house banking system. This system will be running Vendit's systems and eventual platform blockchain all powered by VNDTs.

While the discussions may just be preliminary, the signed Letter of Intent shows the seriousness of all parties involved of achieving this common goal. If all conversations go well, Vendit will be heavily involved and hands-on in all daily operations of the credit unions to improve and upgrade their systems towards the creation of the largest milestone in our foreseeable future, the blockchain based clearing house.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our push for crypto adoption.

Vendit Core Team

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